ELIZABETH OSTERBAUER gets away with stomping a dog to death



Do you want this woman living in your neighborhood ??  HELL NO.  She should be locked up for a very long time.  Unbelievable !!

December 13, 2018 04:26 PM

A Minneapolis woman who was convicted of breaking into an acquaintance's house twice and killing her dog was sentenced Thursday.

According to court records, Elizabeth Osterbauer was sentenced to 180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse. She received credit for five days served.

She will also be placed under supervised probation for three years, according to court records.

Authorities alleged Osterbauer had romantic feelings for another woman that were not returned.

And that during one burglary, Osterbauer stole her dog, a three-year-old miniature Pinscher.

Witnesses allegedly saw Osterbauer drive to a wetlands area, stomp on the dog, then drown it in the marsh.

The release also alleges that in June 2016, she burglarized the same house and spread kitty litter all over, using it to plug the toilet so that water backed up and ran through several rooms and the basement.

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