A DeSoto County horse stable is facing allegations of animal abuse


DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — A DeSoto County horse stable is facing allegations of animal abuse after pictures showing horses in terrible conditions surfaced.

Residents who live nearby say the pictures were taken inside the Lazy W Saddle Club off of Church Road in Southaven.

The pictures show emaciated horses and others that were standing in piles of mud and feces.

The facility is being investigated by Southaven Animal Control.

"Those are God's creatures also. You shouldn't do animals like that," neighbor Hernando Brunson said.

The people who took the pictures say horse owners rent stalls to keep their animals there. But it's up to them to arrange for care. Some neighbors are accusing Lazy W Saddle Club's management of not paying attention and reporting the alleged abuse.

"I would like to see those horses in a better place. And whoever is responsible for doing those horses like that, I would like to see them prosecuted because that is not right," Brunson said.

We went to the facility looking for answers but we were asked to leave.

Neighbor Bob Reiner wants whoever is responsible to face justice.

"They need to lock them up. That ain't right. No animal should be treated like that," he said.

Based on a real estate listing, the facility is currently for sale. The price sits at roughly $3.2 million.