26-year-old Arielle Bonnici , Caught Smoking Weed In Parking Lot Before Court Summons for Weed Possession


On Long Island, 26-year-old Arielle Bonnici was caught by cops back in May for marijuana possession.  she had to show up for the court summons. Court appearances are super boring. But you know what would help that? More weed.

So according to police, Bonnici rolled up to the station, cutting off undercover cops while talking on her cellphone on the way in, parking in a spot featuring a “P.D. Parking Only” sign. Not exactly the smartest move, but to be fair, she was allegedly super high. When cops confronted her about her illegal parking spot, a huge cloud of pot smoke puffed out of the window. Maybe she was just holding all of the smoke for a friend?

She was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. Again. And has to appear in court. Again.